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NutriMedika specializes in providing medical professionals and their patients with leading edge nutritional products made with A.N.D.S. - Advanced Nutritional Delivery Systems. On average, only 20% of any nutrient in a tablet or a capsule is actually absorbed and utilized by the body. This percentage is even lower with the elderly, and those suffering from serious illnesses.

NutriMedika addresses this problem by offering products designed to provide superior absorption. A key example is Q-GelŪ, the unique CoEnzyme Q10 supplement made using the patent-pending Bio-SolvT process. Ordinary Coenzyme Q10 is very poorly absorbed. The Bio-SolvT process enables the Coenzyme Q10 in Q-GelŪ to become "hydrosoluble". Five human clinical bioavailability studies show Q-GelŪ has 300% greater relative bioavailability compared to other Coenzyme Q10 dosage forms.

NutriMedika, established in 1996, is operated by a management team with more than 50 years of combined experience with nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals, backed by some of the leading research and development professionals in the industry.

As the important role dietary supplements can play in supporting good health becomes more evident, so will the emphasis on finding those products which will perform most effectively. Our mission is to constantly engage in developing and offering of these superior products to our customers. We are pleased and honored to count several of the physicians who pioneered the advancement of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among our clientele.


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